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When fuel system works correctly, your vehicle accelerates effortlessly and runs smoothly. But when something goes wrong with fuel system, vehicle uninterrupted operation, as well as its mileage, can be jeopardized. One of the easiest ways to prevent most of the common fuel system problems is to perform fuel system maintenance and cleaning annually and every 15,000 miles. Good news is that basic fuel system check and cleaning don't require any specific tools or knowledge and can be done with your own hands.

How to Check a Fuel System?

Before starting, make sure that you have safety glasses and latex gloves. Using personal safety equipment is always recommended when performing any manipulations with your vehicle.

Fuel Filter

  1. First, inspect your fuel filter. If it is clear, check the color of the fuel. You may need to remove fuel filter to do it, if the level of fuel is low.
  2. Check the color of fuel. If it is dark, flushing the fuel system is strongly recommended.
  3. Now, smell the fuel. Bad fuel smells like varnish, so if you feel such smell, fuel system requires cleaning.
  4. Then, inspect fuel tank and fuel lines. If fuel lines or tank have any cracks or rust, you will need to replace them.

Fuel System Cleaning

  1. To perform a basic fuel system cleaning you need a fuel system additive. Add it to your fuel tank and fill it with a new fuel, as it is specified on fuel system additive.

    Fuel System Additive

  2. Drive your vehicle under regular driving conditions to check for improvements. If there are still the same symptoms, as before adding fuel additive, you may need to take your car to the mechanic for further inspection and service.

Fuel System Replacement

Cleaning fuel system is a simple solution for many fuel system issues, but in case of major fuel system failure, expansive repair or even replacement is required. When it comes to replacing fuel system components, you need to find 'the right' parts that will provide durability and performance you and your vehicle deserve. Aeromotive Fuel Systems are the top choice for those who appreciate top-notch technology that goes along with outstanding durability.

Aeromotive Fuel System Components

Aeromotive Fuel system components are made by a team of dedicated professionals that translate their experience in aerospace industry to automotive parts that are available for every driver.