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How to Boost The Value of Your Car

Selling a car

Your car, like most consumer items will deprecate in value the longer you keep it. In many cases this can be as much as 60% over a period of five years of normal driving. Of course, this is something that we all accept as everything we use eventually needs to be replaced or sold to make way for upgrades or newer models.

When it comes to selling our used cars, we can, for the most part, still get very reasonable prices if we know where and to whom we can sell them.

1. Waxing the Paintwork

Over the period of a few years your car's paintwork may fade slightly from its original colour. A good waxing can get some of the original colour back, making the car look much more desirable to a potential buyer. First impressions are important and nice, shiny paintwork makes a good one. If you don't have the time to do it yourself, there are many garages and carwashes that can do it for you at very reasonable rates.

2. Removing Scratches and Dents

Removing scratches and dents can help to increase the value of your car. Most small scratches can be removed with the aid of only a very easy to use scratch filler pen or liquid. These can be bought at any auto outlet and are very easy to use. You can also fill dents very easily with kits supplied from the very same stores. Remember, if a buyer sees scratches or dents in the bodywork, they will often use it as a reason to knock down the price.

Removing car scratches

3. Extras

If you have added extras, it doesn't always mean that the value of the car has risen. In many cases a car that has been modified is actually worth less than a car with just stock parts. So, if you have added extras, it is actually a good idea to put the original parts back on before you put the car up for sale.

4. Interior Cleaning

It is also important to make sure that your interiors are clean and smelling fresh. The last thing a buyer wants to see is an unkempt interior or one that has an odour of smoke or fast foods. This again can effect the price, as a clean and fresh smelling interior will give a good impression to a potential used car buyer.

Car interior cleaning

5. Service Records

If you have the vehicle's service history records, be sure to mention them when you put the car up for sale. If the car has only been serviced by approved mechanics and all replacement parts are original, the value of the car will be higher. If you cannot find the records your service centre should have copies of any work carried out.

6. Easy Fixes

There are a number of easy fixes that can be carried out without the need to use the services of a mechanic. These fixes are generally small things like replacement bulbs, new seat covers and other simple replacement parts. This small investment can easily add to the value of your car and are well worth considering.

Car easy fixes

7. Under the Hood

One of the first things any serious buyer will do is look under the hood to have a quick inspection of the engine. So, when a buyer opens the hood, a nice clean engine will be a welcome sight. You can easily do this cleaning yourself, as all you need to do is just wipe over all of the exposed parts of the engine.

Remember, a clean and well-presented car can literally add hundreds of pounds to the overall value of your car or van.